Little Known Montego Bay

Montego Bay is THE tourism Mecca of Jamaica. Everyone who’s been to Jamaica has likely experienced Montego Bay and its all-inclusive resorts. I wanted to give you another look at Montego Bay, because there’s a whole bunch of things to do and try that are not well known. Here’s your guide to Little Known Montego Bay.

Jamaica coconut

Rastafari Indigenous Village

If you’re interested in learning about Rastafarian culture, the Rastafari of Montego Bay will welcome you to their village and immerse you. When I went, we joined a drum circle and got a tour of their dwellings.

Meet the Locals

The Jamaica Tourist Board will pair you with a local so you can go know Jamaica from another perspective. I met a hairdresser who invited us to her home. We simply hung out and played with her kids. She even gave some of us little braids! Get matched here.

Drivers make the difference

Get a ride from Everton Esmie, professional driver and tour guide. He’ll not only get you there, but provide a whole new fun experience. When I visited, I always asked him lots of questions that he readily answered. DM me on Instagram for his information! @maryinmanhattan

Roadside stops

Stop for a coconut water on the road

See fresh young coconuts at a stand by the road? Maybe there are a few people there drinking it as well? Always a sign of a good stop. The vendor should cut it open in front of you and give you a cool straw carved from coconuts. Once you finish the fresh water, try to scrape out the “goo,” because it’s delicious too.

Montego Bay coconut

Pier 1

I loved going to Pier 1 for drinks and dancing or a few delicious late night bites. They are right on the water with sunset views, and have classic rum punch and reggae and dancehall tunes.

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Mondays are better in Jamaica

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Staying put in Montego Bay? Do a daytrip to Negril! It’s a completely different atmosphere I think you’ll love. My favorite stops here.

*I worked for the Jamaica Tourist Board in a PR capacity for almost 5 years.

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