The Best of Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Yes, the Bobsled ride at Mystic Mountain is fun. But what I like better is a secluded beach or a bioluminescent night swim. Ocho Rios offers all of it, you just have to know where to look. These are some of my favorite spots in Ocho Rios.

Jamaica plants


When it gets dark, the water between the sea and the freshwater bay illuminates. Yep, you can swim in it. Take a boat from Glistening Waters restaurant into the Luminous Lagoon. You won’t see much at first, but plop into the water and move around a bit. This specific type of algae lights up when you move and all of a sudden a magical blue light explodes all around you!

Luminous lagoon

Credit: Daniel Gillaspia

James Bond Beach

The James Bond book series was not only created in Jamaica (the author vacationed here), but Dr. No was also filmed here. This small secluded beach is a little far from the center of town, but worth the trip.

Jamaican beach

Taste the best Jamaican Patty

Do you know the story of the Jamaican beef patty rivalry? Juici and Tastee are the main patty makers, and there’s a major rivalry. Think “Macdonalds vs Burger King fries” but bigger. Taste test both of them in downtown Ocho Rios and make your own decision. Guarantee you’ll have something to talk about with the locals for the rest of your trip.

Credit: jsytcliffe on Flickr

Interested in going to the Blue Mountains during your stay in Jamaica? Here’s what you need to know.

*I worked for the Jamaica Tourist Board in a PR capacity for almost 5 years.


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