Like a Local Tours: No-BS Behind the Scenes Tours

Don’t you love being a tourist in your own neighborhood? Even though I live here, at the beginning of the summer I went on a tour with Like a Local Tours. They have a really cool roster of tour opportunities like happy hour and shopping in Williamsburg, sustainable travel, and new developments like Industry City – a destination in Brooklyn where you can work, play, eat, drink and discover.

I went on their Industry City tour last month. Like a Local actually has a partnership with the developers at Industry City, so we were able to go SUPER behind the scenes. We went upstairs to the offices and met some of the “makers,” or small business owners, that have space there.
Of course, per many of the Like a Local Tours, we got to sample delicious foods and drinks. The pacing is great, and no one is trying to sell you. Both the tour guide and vendors know you’re here for an experience, and an overall fun time with friends and family.
Lauren Beebe, the owner and founder of Like a Local, joined us on the tour to give a little extra insight on the tours. It seems to me that the reason they’re so well done in terms of content, tour guides and timing is because she really cares. She herself is a NYC local, and is always trying to find new tour ideas not only for travelers but also for locals like me.
I’m for sure keeping this on the list of things to do when friends and family visit. It was about three hours of activities. If you’d like to book, head to and get 15% off your next tour with code: INDUSTRY15. This can be for any of the tours on the website.


Here’s a list of the vendors we visited that day:

Wanna Date

Micol Ceramics

Ends Meat

Blue Marble Ice Cream

One Girl Cookies

Sahadi’s (YES! This Brooklyn staple is opening its second location here!)

Li-Lac Chocolates

Japan Village

Big aLICe Brewing


Shout out to some of the other bloggers that were on my tour that day!


XO John

Paint The Town Chic

Musings & Adventures


*Note this is a sponsored post.



  1. Great article, have been meaning to visit Industry City! I just wanted to share a saving tip for any fellow NY’ers who are looking to save on transportation. I was complaining about how much money I’ve been spending on Uber’s and a friend recommended; it’s a non-profit and much more affordable than ride-shares. You can book rides in advance and it’s great for large groups. Just in case anyone else is tired of draining their funds with ride-sharing apps!


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