2 Days in Dublin

When I dropped down in Ireland, I felt at home. Not just because I technically have some Irish blood, but because I felt like I’d been there before. I think it was a combination of the warmth of the people, and my comfort levels in Irish pubs (verrryyyy comfortable). 🍻

Dublin streets

Dublin was a manageable city (compared to New York at least), and I feel like we covered a great amount in two days. Here are the top 10 things I deem worthy of hitting up:

Anchor House Dublin

We stayed here in this hybrid of a b&b slash hostel. Three of us were able to stay in one room, and have free breakfast each morning. We walked everywhere from here – super convenient.

Anchor house Dublin

Guinness factory

It’s basically a Guinness museum. Theres a history of the brand, how it’s made and some cool old school ads I really liked. You don’t have to spend the whole day here, but you do need to make it to the “how to pour a Guinness class” and the Gravity bar on the roof (great view of Dublin). I know it’s touristy, but I guess that’s the point of some of these things. You’ll get a free Guinness with admission, and gain a greater appreciation for it that will last maybe a little too long.

Teeling Distillery

We literally followed signs that said “Whiskey” to find this place. On our way back from the Jewish Quarter, we were ready for an adventure, so we basically sniffed this place out. Turns out it’s a highly established distillery… but it felt like an amazing discovery! This is where I learned that whiskey is aged 3 years and 1 day (the one day is to beat the Scots at their Scotch aging game). We did a tasting that consisted of some triple-distilled whiskies; one in an aged Cabernet barrel, another in a rum barrel… and more. We learned it was the first distillery to come about in 14 years due to prohibition. We got there too late for a tour but got some good info from Luke the bartender!

Teeling distillery

The Jewish Quarter

Take a walk to the old Jewish quarter, called Portobello, where a large Jewish population used to live. Weave in and out of streets with gorgeous landscaping. It’s not your typical spot to visit but boy is it a pleasant little neighborhood. We didn’t get a chance, but try out some of the new foodie locales like Eatyard, an outdoor food market, and Bretzel Bakery.

Dublin cat

Trinity College library

Get to Trinity College right when it opens – that line gets huge. Why are you there? To see the Book of Kells (I guess…) and of course the Library (where lots of Harry Potter was filmed). Don’t get yourself to excited about the book of Kells. While I can appreciate history, there was a little too much build up for an old looking book. I SAID IT.

Trinity library

Dublin’s Creative Corner

Where the cool kids go out. Skip the cheesy tourist bars because you’re not going to get anything authentic, and save Irish music for Galway. It’s time to meet the real locals, the ones our age, and learn how to have some good craic. (Ahem, that means fun in Irish). I went to the Hairy Lemon. Note: at bars you can order HALF PINTS. What an amazing idea! Better for colder drinks & more bar hopping!

The hairy lemon

Royal Hibernian Way Shopping

A cute street of larger stores, boutiques and restaurants. I’m not a big shopper while on vacation but I did grab some locally sourced wool socks for all my buds.

Royal Hibernian way

Check out my experience in Cork, Ireland – another amazing city!


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