Where to Satisfy Your Green Tea Cravings in NYC

I feel like my summer has been permeated with green tea & matcha of all kinds; Ice cream, lattes, cakes and more. They’re inventive, delicious and oh-so trendy. Here are the best places in NYC to satisfy your green tea cravings.

Bar pa tea

Bar Pa Tea: A tiny little spot on the Lower East Side, Bar Pa Tea is ALL TEA, ALL THE TIME. Their ice cream is blended with real tea, along with their drinks. So naturally they’re green tea experts. I had their black tea / green tea blended iced latte with oat milk. Yup, lactose-free. Add boba for a classic milk tea feel.*

Zenchai matcha drinks

Zenchai Matcha: This Lower East Side spot is comes at your strong from the very beginning. From the lime green facade and bright red lounge chairs, to the drinks that burst with flavor. My faves were the nitro brew matcha latte on tap (literally the only one you can get in the city) and the matcha with fresh watermelon juice drink. Both were extremely refreshing and memorable.*

Momacha drinks

MoMacha: Not to be confused with the MoMA, MoMacha is your go-to Instagrammable matcha spot. With blue-hued drinks and art that melts off the wall, you’re gonna wanna go here for the grub and the gram. I had a rose infused matcha drink (it’s best swirled to capture both flavors in one gulp).*

Sprinklesland ice cream

Sprinklesland: a whimsical hole-in-the-Wall near dreary Wall St., Sprinklesland serves that dessert you saw in your dreams. Along with a candy land in a cone, I had a matcha soft-serve with fresh fruits and red bean paste. So refreshing, and only a slight caffeine buzz.*

Davey’s ice cream

Davey’s Ice Cream: If you’re looking for more traditional hard ice cream, these guys got you covered. Get two flavors so you can try it all – I had the matcha and Thai Iced Tea flavors.


Taiyaki: Soft serve in a thick fish-shaped cone filled with red bean paste. Can it get any cooler than that? Taiyaki is one of my fave places. Try the matcha soft serve swirled with black sesame – and absolutely get the fish cone. It’s soft, sweet, and counts as a dessert on its own.


Chikalicious crepe cake: This cake has been layered 12/25 times? I don’t even know, but it’s a lot. After the crepes are painstakingly made, matcha crepe is thinly lacquered between each layer. It’s decadent. Pairs well with the creme brûlée crepe cake. And ice cream. And all your sins.


Cha cha matcha: Cha cha matcha is the epitome of cute. Pink interior with green colored accents, palm trees and neon signage. I had a matcha latte this winter there and it was so fun to sit in this cozy mini-Miami sipping mah green drink.

I didn’t get a pic so sharing one from their insta!

*I received complementary products at this location.


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