Thrift Stores to Visit in NYC Right Now

Marie Kondo started a de-cluttering revolution. By now you’ve seen “Tidying Up,” a Netflix original series that advocates for letting go of all that extra STUFF that doesn’t spark joy. So everyone is donating their clothes right now, and thrift stores are brimming with amazing finds. Here’s where to go shop for those trash to treasure gems right now.

Thrift stores brooklyn


L train vintage is one of my favorites. It’s large and clean and there’s no lack of cool Brooklyn attire. It’s so easy to spark joy with $8 shirts. (Am I using that wrong?)

L train vintage
The dudes finding their spirit coats at L Train Vintage 🧥


Crossroads Trading is COLOR COORDINATED. Aka a dream. They aren’t buying right now because there’s just too much product!

Cobble Hill:

Buffalo Exchange has never taken my clothes. Everything has to be IN SEASON. Pft all the stuff I usually give away is many seasons ago. But this means that everything they sell is super trendy.


Housing Works is a great place to go to know your money is going to a good cause. They advocate for ending homelessness and AIDS. This vintage and thrift store sells not only clothes but furniture and books too.

Your local Goodwill! If you’ve tried it before with no luck, try again. It’s chock full of brand favorites courtesy of Marie Kondo!



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