New In NYC This Winter

Got the winter blues? Cure them with these new foodie experiences in New York City.

Japanese Village

Industry City’s newest addition, Japan Village is a tasty food court and Japanese grocery store in Brooklyn. My cousin and I went this weekend and tried the “Japanese Pizza” or Okonomiyaki – eggs, shredded pork and cabbage, with unidentifiable savory sauces and bonito flakes. Then we went insane in the market. I bought all the fixin’s for ramen, plus some fun desserts. I have no idea what any of it says, but boy is it gonna be delicious.

Japan village

The Largest Raviolo

Gente Ristorante is a gem near Grand Central station, away from the tourists and commuters. It’s where you go for a solid Italian meal with a few twists. One being the largest raviolo, which I tried last week. Al dente pasta folded over delightful cheesy-ness and topped with your choice of tomato or vodka sauce.

The dessert, torta de la nonna, is shipped in from Florence and is definitely worth a try. It’s like a buttery shortbread crust with lemon custard and powdered sugar.

Gente restaurant

Starbucks Reserve

Starbucks opened one of their concept stores right near Chelsea Market. Called Starbucks Reserve, you can go have an “insider” experience with a roastery and bar. Prices? Think: the cocktail version of a venti latte with soy….

Starbucks reserve nyc

Ristoro del Cinghale

This rustic Tuscan restaurant is perfect for a date night or even impressive client dinner. Try their boar (it’s the restaurant’s namesake), and their full negroni cocktail list. The papardelle with boar took me back to my 21st birthday, sipping Chianti and eating this exact dish in Siena, Italy.

Let me know what other new bites are curing those blues this winter!

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