5 Move-in Essentials and Where to get Them on the Fly

Furnish NYC apartment

Everyone knows moving in NYC is a fast paced hell. Actually furnishing the apartment comes second to having a roof over your head. But you still need that bed, couch and kitchen table – the essentials. So, I thought I’d let you know about a few nice companies making move-in day a whole lot easier (no U-Haul required.)

Apartment nyc

Burrow: The couch. These guys have found a way to send you a quality couch that is EASY to build. It’s modular so you can always add to it, and it’s delivered in small boxes so you don’t need to stress if it will fit through the door of your tiny apartment!

Casper: The mattress. One mattress for all, eliminates having to choose from a bunch of mattresses and wasting time. Choose your size and delivery time frame, and ta-da. There’s a 100-night guarantee just in case you don’t love it. Similar companies: Purple, Leesa, and more.

Brooklinen: The bedding. Comforters and sheets delivered to your door. Quality stuff in the size you need. The move in bundle can be delivered within a day of purchase (pillowcases, sheets, comforters, pillows – all in one!)

LetGo: The dining room table. LetGo is a community of neighbors selling stuff on the cheap.

Look here for the dining room table, some chairs, and even more if you’re up for it. You can pick someone close by to pick it up from, or even sometimes they are happy to deliver it to you. Similar companies: OfferUp, Wallapop, Wish Local, Craig’s List.

Amazon Fresh: The food. Yeah you’re gonna need some of this, and grocery shopping sucks in the midst of moving – so does ordering expensive take out every night. Get a free trial of Amazon Fresh and give yourself a little break with groceries delivered to your apartment.

Enjoy that NYC convenience! What else is uniquely convenient in New York? Find me on Twitter @maryinmanhattan

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