The Cheesiest New York You Know

What’s better than a day of prancing around New York like a cheesy tourist? Pairing that experience with real, stretchy, salty, gooey CHEESE.

Here’s where to hit up cool new cheesy dishes around the city with glamorously cheesy New York City sightseeing.

Michael Jordan’s steakhouse

Eat: Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse

The #StripCheese is a brand new sandwich with steak, fried onion, bacon, and oh… 1.5 POUNDS of cheese. Permission to share.

See: Grand Central Station

MJs actually overlooks the main concourse that you see in movies – under the sky of constellations. Feel free to pick up some suitcases and spin around like you’ve just arrived.

Spaetzle cheesy

Eat: Loreley Beer Garden

This German beer garden serves up spaetzle with a cheese-pull action shot included. It’s hearty and satisfying and best served with a brew (or two).

See: Bowery Mural

Every few months the blank wall on Bowery and Houston takes on a new shape. One famous graffiti artist after another, the wall is always a work of art perfect for the ‘gram.

Croque madame XXL

Eat: Juniper Bar NYC

This mondo Croque Madame XXL gives brunch a new meaning. It means that brunch can be both classy… and sassy. Try this cheesy-ER spin on a French classic.

See: Mood Fabrics

Pop into Mood, the official fabric store of Project Runway. Even if you don’t have a need for fabric, I trust that you’ll Make it Work.

White gold butchers

Eat: White Gold Butchers

I almost don’t want to tell you about this place. But I will ‘cause I’m nice. The sausage egg and cheese served for breakfast here is a literal dream come true.

See: Museum of Natural History

The whale room though – who doesn’t love the whale room? Pay what you will for this Upper West Side museum, and throw it back to elementary school field trips.

Buns bar

Eat: Buns Bar

This burger with a mozzarella cheese bun is extraordinarily cheesy. Look at this loop! WHAT IS HAPPENING I️ DON’T KNOW BUT I️ WANT TO EAT IT.

See: High Line

Spanning 17th to 35th street on the West Side, the High Line is a walking trail on an old elevated railroad. Walk the whole thing to see classic skyline views from above.Feta cheese dip

Eat: Under the Bridge

The Spicy Feta Dip at this Greek bistro is to DIE for. Comes with warm soft pita slices and a few other dips that are delicious but not cheesy so I’m not allowed to mention them here.

See: Roosevelt Island Tram

Yeah, there’s Roosevelt Island, but what about the TRAM that gets you over there? Part frightening, part fun, it’s a cheap thrill you can check off the tourist list.Mac and cheese burger

Eat: The Bedford

The Mac and Cheese Burger literally has mac and cheese in the bun. It’s SO crispy, and it’s my new favorite comfort food.

See: Williamsburg thrift shopping

Buffalo Exchange. Monk Vintage. Crossroads Trading Co. Pick any of them to feel SO Brooklyn.

Eat: Piscillo Italian Panini

A SOLID Italian sandwich. I’d say 10/10. The mozz is poppin’ here. So worth the trip to the financial district.

See: Charging Bull

Mosey over to the famous brass bull of Wall Street. Go ahead and take your cleverly angled picture, you sicko.Cheesy pasta

Eat: Il Corallo Trattoria

One of the hidden gems of the lower west side, Il Corallo has so many dishes I have yet to try. Either way, order the Rigatoni Pagani, a creamy creamy pasta dish with hidden SMOKED mozzarella bites – you’re not going to want to share.

See: Friends Apartment

Look up – right above the Little Owl restaurant in the West Village is that view we all knew and loved as the Friends Apartment. They were there for us. Rachel, Joey, Ross… all of them.Lilia brooklyn

Eat: Lilia

Mafaldini with Parmesan and Pink Peppercorn is part of a sophisticated late dinner in Brooklyn over a glass of red wine on a cozy night. Need I say more?

See: Brooklyn Brewery

Weekends aside, Brooklyn Brewery is pretty cool. Get there early for a table and a board game. Want a tour too, you cheesy tourist-for-a-day? Book in advance.

Ok you cheesy fool, let’s do this! #cheesetour2018


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