Mary in District 13

Tonight, I visited District 12, District 13, the Capitol; I got to chill with Cinna and Katniss, Professor Snow. You know how it goes. Head to Times Square and get shot-putted into another dimension.

I just came back from Discovery Times Square where the Hunger Games Exhibit opened this month. The exhibit gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the movie enterprise, and just enough in front of the scenes action to keep you feeling like you’re watching J-Law in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (which really shouldn’t have been done in parts, but that’s besides the point).

I liked how the exhibit flowed – from District 12’s humble beginnings, onto the high speed train to the Capitol, and all the way to District 13 in the heat of the uprising. Along the way, you get to learn about the costumes and set design for the movie, plus a few hidden details I didn’t know about the author’s choices in the book.

Scroll through the pics, and see for yourself! Then volunteer as tribute to fight your way through Times Square to see the exhibit before the end of the year.

hunger games
There she blows! You can almost hear that Mockingjay call in the distance…

To District 12 we go!

OMGZZ it’s the Mockingjay pin.

Katniss & Gale, chillin in the woods. Back when it was the good life. (All the costumes are original!)

effie trinket
Effie Trinket in all her glory. Who’s gonna volunteer as tribute and get this party started?

Cool interactive exhibit to help visualize where the districts are located. Looks like District 13 is where New York City would be. MMHMM. REPRESENT.

bullet train
Trying to summon the feelings Katniss had riding the bullet train to the Capitol. (Is that nerdy?) #UnintentionalSperrysAd

Peeta and Haymitch on zee train with me

Ahhh! We’re in the Capitol!

But don’t worry guys, this girl is on fire and she will save us.

Party time. Even though we’re all super nervous because we’re about to play games of death.

GURL. Lookin so fly. That’s just what happens when Lenny Kravitz is your personal costume designer, I guess.

Idiot getting interviewed. (The idiot is me).

District 13, HERE WE GOOOOOOO.

Totes awesome finale.

Can I have this for prom?
Hope you enjoyed the photos and my impromptu summarization of the story of the Hunger Games. Let me know if you end up checking out the exhibit, we can swap nerd stories.

*I received a complimentary ticket

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