Dessert is my New Neighbor

The Upper West Side has dessert, but not dessert that totally fulfills your SOUL, so that’s why I love the new Maison Kayser on 76th and Broadway. Yes, it’s a little fancy compared to most dessert places in the area, but it’s just so cute. If you have a group of girlfriends coming to town, and you want a nice classy café to relax and indulge in gluttonous fantasies, THIS IS THE PLACE.

See my journey of sorts below, along with a few other great UWS dessert spots:

I view the new restaurant (opened last week)

Maison Kayser, dessert, new york city, manhattan

I salivate at the window (again). Yes I did this once or twice before in the past few days.

dessert, maison kayser, new york city, manhattan, upper west side

Then I walk in. My eyes immediately begin feasting, so I take a bunch of pictures (cause it’ll last longer).

dessert, maison kayser, new york city, manhattan, upper west side

Then I go with my gut feeling: The Moccacino – a little round coffee-colored glossy treat, filled with chocolate mousse and a fluffy espresso core. Ok $6 bucks is a little steep, but I’m eating it alone. If I were with a group of friends, we could share it and sit at a cute little Parisian table for an hour, and sip lattes watching bundled up passersby as a snow cloud hovers over Broadway.

dessert, maison kayser, new york city, manhattan, upper west side

Instead I go home, and eat the entire thing in two minutes. It was delicious and chocolate moussey, and everything I dreamed.

dessert, maison kayser, new york city, manhattan, upper west side

I’m always one for random dessert cravings – especially during a specific time of the month… SO, here are my recommendations for more dessert options on the Upper West Side:

1. Cakes and pies: Café Lalo. Famous since its debut on “You’ve Got Mail,” this café is a French bakery near NYC’s Central Park. Squeeze in a cozy table for two when it’s less busy in mid-afternoon, nibble at one of the many cake and pie slices and grab a cup of café au lait. I recommend getting up to see the options at the counter, so you can see what you’re about to eat. Hint: S’more’s pie is the best I’ve had so far. Totally worth the $7.

dessert, cafe lalo, new york city, manhattan, upper west side

2. Cookies: Insomnia cookies. Perfect for emergency chocolate needs. Grab one fast to satisfy your cravings. Sometimes seamless has really great deals, so you can get more for your money. AND…you don’t even have to leave your apartment. Fat kids unite.

3. Ice Cream: Sugar and Plumm. There’s an option to sit at a table, but I like to order and sit at the picnic tables for to go orders. This place is a candy-stuffed dream, dipped in chocolate and dropped in a bucket of straight sugar. In a word, it is Home. I recommend a massive ice cream sundae like the Jack Tripper: chocolate ice cream, caramel, brownies and more chocolate related things. Great for sharing…if you feel like it.

Have I missed any great dessert hotspots?  Let me know on Twitter:@MaryinManhattan.


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