Gifting New York 

It’s a hard task, bundling up the vivacious spirit and the grimy charm of New York City, and bringing it home for the fam. But it must be done. Who else would have the crave-worthy, never-before-seen gifts to give from under the tree? (Or menorah…)

I’m in the extreme giving spirit, so I’m going to share with you the best places to get uniquely New York gifts to wow the family and friends during the holidays.

For the silly Aunt: The street corner

If you’re lucky enough, you may come across the elusive fold-up table set up on the street corner selling NYC Taxi Driver calendars. This thing is a riot. Inside, you will see real cab drivers making farce of the sexy firefighters calendar. Oh…it’s real…it’s raw…it’s your seductive hairy-chested neighborhood cab driver. It’s available online:

New York City, Taxi, Calendar, gift

For a fashionable friend: Catch a pop-up shop

Pop-ups stores are year-round in the city, but now’s the time to catch one. For me, email newsletters like Time Out New York or are the best way to find out about them. These one-time retail locations are #1 – SO CUTE, and #2 – super local. I would definitely be attending this one brought to you by Bing Bang NYC, for handmade jewelry tomorrow:

bing bang, jewelry, new york city, manhattan

For an old roommate: Packaged experiences

Bribe the old college roommate to come visit you in New York by purchasing an experience for the both of you. Whether it be a booze cruise, historic walking tour, or Broadway show, you’ll get them to visit, and you’ll have a super fun experience to talk about. Plus, you won’t have to create a detailed high-maintenance itinerary for them when they visit…Great New York Tours has a delicious chocolate tour that almost feels wrong it’s so right. They start you off slow, with tastes of cocoa nibs here and there, then get you shoving cookies, macarons, cupcakes and cannoli’s in your face and practically throwing up from joy by the end.

new york city, magnolia bakery, cupcake, chocolate
My boyfriend, Scott, on the chocolate tour. Magnolia Bakery was our favorite stop.

For the boss: Chelsea Market

A classy joint is a place to get classy things for the boss. Chelsea Market is an especially good place for local foods and wines that can be beautifully gifted and appreciated by most anyone. Go for artisanal cheeses at Lucy’s Whey, grab some amazing bread at Amy’s Bread and pick up a pinot at the Chelsea Wine Vault.

Chelsea market

For anyone and everyone: Holiday markets

Even if you think you hate the holiday markets in Columbus Circle, Grand Central, Bryant Park and Union Square – you actually love them. Sure they can be extremely busy as you get closer to the holidays, but you just need to take your time and go through them – they have the potential to be a one-stop-shop. Think wallet for Dad, edgy Brooklyn wall-art for the bro, and fancy soaps and handmade necklaces and scarves for Mom and the sis.

columbus circle, holidays, shopping, new york city, manhattan


Have you bought all your gifts yet?? Let me know on @MaryinManhattan.

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