All the Mary’s of New York City

I’ve connected with lots of great bloggers and influencers over the years, and some of the greatest happen to be named Mary (just sayin’). I want to celebrate all the Mary’s of NYC, and all their Mary Flair. While we all have the same name, we’re all very different in the content we serve up to our fabulous followers.

Glam in Gotham

Mary is a fashion blogger that I just recently “bumped into” on the ‘gram. She’s a personal stylist with a passion for cute headbands. What I love about her is that her content is true to who she is – she’s not afraid to be herself and speak her mind. 

New York Cliché

Mary Lane is one of the original New York City bloggers. She lives in Astoria and serves up adventurous content from all over the city. If she can bike there, she’s there. She’s at every major event, and never tires of Times Square and all the iconic sites of New York. I don’t understand how she’s so active all the time, but I’m glad she is. Visit her blog, New York Cliché, or follow her on Instagram.

Layers of Chic

I met Mary Gui a few years ago at a creator’s studio in New York City – she’s hilarious and fun. She’s a fashion blogger with a flair for the colorful. She also has her own sock company!

Mary NYC Mom  

Mary is a mom blogger who exudes positive energy – which we all need more of! I love the NYC moments she shares – you can tell she truly loves this city.

Mary Orton

Fashion and beauty blogger Mary Orton shares amazing tips on her blog, Memorandum. She’s also a kick-ass business woman and mother, and shares her experiences on her Instagram.

Downtown Chic Moms

Mary is a lifestyle blogger who shares motherhood, fashion, fitness and food tips. She’s always doing something fun with the family – finding the best safest ways to have fun in the pandemic.

Pineapple in the Big Apple

Mary is from Hawaii! It’s so fun seeing her take on New York City. Her gorgeous photography of both places will give you serious wanderlust.

It’s always fun to meet a NYC Mary. Did I miss any? Find me on Instagram @maryinmanhattan.

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