Was it all a Dream? Secret Summer in the City

This weekend, I attended a dreamy summer event held at The Foundry, a ridiculously beautiful brick, ivy-draped event space in Long Island City. It was called Secret Summer and was a Midsummer Night’s Dream themed immersive event put on by Rapt Affairs. It was basically a playground for adults, with multiple rooms and a majestic outdoor courtyard.

Every corner of the event was filled with something magical, whether it was ragtime music, food trucks or farm-to-bar cocktail concoctions. Fairies flooded the space in white wings, and at times, we would be surprised by a couple of actors whisking their way through one of the many rooms, performing a Shakespearean scene, or an aerial dancer swinging from the ceiling. My fave was the mentalist, Vinny DePonto, who strutted around reading our minds.

I immersed myself in this whimsical experience – see my slideshow of what it was like to attend, and check it out for next year (tickets range from $150-$280, so definitely a splurge, but you get free Lyft rides to and from the event and you get to save some wild New York memories).

*I received a complimentary ticket for this event


  1. So beautiful! Who knew such a stunning secret garden exists in NYC! I just subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts. Would appreciate it if you could do the same for me at SomethingInHerRamblings.com. Thanks and happy travels!

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