We sailed, we drank, we caroled

The Cocoa and Carols cruise with Classic Harbor Line was a cute and fun way to ring in the holiday season. The Mad Hatters, Lynn and Justin, invited me and the NYC Blog Squad to join them on this holiday adventure, and we had tons of fun.

There’s something magical about New York City in December. Normally I would find the influx of humans in the city to be violence-inducing, but it turns out the hustle and bustle is endearing. It brings me pure happiness to walk down 5th Avenue and through Bryant Park with all the shops and trees and lights and cocoa.


The Cocoa and Carols cruise is no exception. As soon as you board the boat, you’re greeted with a warm, intimate environment decked out in garlands and glowing string lights.


You get a table just for you and your party, with the first drinks on the house. I got cocoa because I was feelin’ the Christmas spirit. You can also get the cocoa spiked, but I didn’t want to go overboard… GET IT?


The jazz musicians are superb. They start off by singing the rules of the boat – IMMEDIATE ENTERTAINMENT. Then go on to sing some Christmas classics. At one point, they make YOU sing. Not usually my favorite thing to do, but we had such a fun group, everyone was putting their all into it.

My favorite part was being able to go out on the deck and see all the sights of Manhattan. It’s not every day you get to actually see the city from the outside, the skyline looks majestic from the Hudson River. You even get SUPER close to the Statue of Liberty.


From there, the boat snakes up the East River and you turn around under the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a really nice way for first-timers to see all the sights in a relaxing environment, and even better for us locals who need that little reminder that our city is… AWESOME.

I loved it. I think it’s going to be a yearly tradition.

PS – Also this happened:


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