This NYC experience is exactly like being in a horror movie

Do you like horror movies? The jump scares, on-edge suspense, full-on pandemonium? Either way, you can recognize that being IN a horror movie would be 1,000 times scarier than just watching it. Well, the other night, I got that chance.

Cursed, the escape room by Komnata Quest, was the scariest experience I’ve ever paid to be a part of (besides that creaky Coney Island roller coaster, which scared me for different reasons). I love horror movies. Give me Paranormal Activity 1,2,3,4, and 5. Give me Insidious. Give me Hereditary. But don’t make me do this escape room again.

I went with my boyfriend (this guy) and two of my best friends (this guy and this girl.) We had done an escape room at Komnata Quest before. It was super immersive, not like the usual escape rooms with one room and clear overhead lighting used for team building exercises. It had 5 or 6 rooms, awesome lightning, puzzles that we could all work together and separately to solve.

Escape room scary
This is us looking super chill after the first escape room we did together.

Cursed, however, is the mother of all escape rooms. You enter into a bathroom. A MURDERY bathroom. Blood spattered on the walls, a mirror with images of pain and torture… don’t pull back the shower curtain… or do. Suddenly the drain in the middle of the floor starts bubbling, and the room starts filling with blood. The door out was locked, and we had to figure out how to open it.

Once we did that (ahem, no spoilers), we were in a dark hallway. A wardrobe shuts loudly nearby. GAH. We’re already screaming.

From then it’s us against the ghosts and demons. Creepy noises combined with clues are broadcast over the speakers. Clouds of fog blast through doors sporadically. Kids toys shoot out at us in the hallway filled with old stuffed animals.

We’re here to solve a murder mystery, but all we can do is walk slowly from room, pathetically, holding hands.

I won’t give anything more away. But if you like the idea of being a character in a horror movie for a night, you must do the Cursed escape room. You won’t forget it. #nightmaresforlife

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