Definitely don’t tell anyone about this place

I reiterate: definitely don’t tell anyone about this place.

Le French diner

I️ mean, go here. But don’t tell anyone else.

Le French Diner is a tiny tiny restaurant on the LES. Owned by a passionate young French couple, there are only a few things on the menu every night. But I can tell you those things are delicious, seasonal, and traditionally French.

French menu nyc

Made in a small open kitchen behind the bar, it feels like you’re at someone’s home for a dinner party. The chefs chat with you – they are part sommelier, part waiter, chef and bartender.

Open kitchen lower east side

We ordered a bottle of wine because you must.

We ordered beet and escargot terrine – my absolute fave. It was layered like a pastry. Escargot was a given. Who doesn’t like anything drenched in butter and garlic?

Appetizer nyc

I’m a big appetizers person, but the beef stew was literally melt in your mouth.

We were never without bread.

Definitely bring your best of friends here-people that will appreciate the secret-whispering below loud gossip-chatter and a clanking kitchen mixed with unctuous dishes that are the best kept secret in Manhattan.


Always always sit at the bar.

Have fun! Go now! But also don’t go at all. (I’m torn)


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