11 Badass Songs to Listen to on the Subway

You’re cruising on the subway, listening to the sickest song and just feeling great. That song you’re listening to? It’s YOURS. No one else can hear it, or enjoy it like you can. It’s your lil secretttt with… well, yourself.

Here are those feel-good songs that are guaranteed to give you power to survive your commute and the rest of the day. So pop those headphones on and hit “play.”

*these songs also good for walking the streets of NYC

1. Uprising (MUSE)

2. No Problem (Chance the Rapper)

3. New York, New York (Frank Sinatra)

4. Mo Money Mo Problems (The Notorious B.I.G.)

5. Animal Spirits (Vulfpeck)

6. Woman (Kesha)

7. Step Out (José González)

8. Oh Devil (Electric Guest)

9. Cineramascope (Galactic)

10. Peg (Steely Dan)

11. Little Black Submarines (Black Keys)

Here’s the full playlist on Spotify if you want to download for your next ride.

Any songs you would add?


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