Gulliver’s Gate is the Whole World in Times Square

Need a vacation? Jet to Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Berlin and Boston all in one day. (And all you need to do is jump on the Subway.) Gulliver’s Gate in Times Square is a giant, 3-D printed mini-world you can visit, observe, and imagine yourself in cities you’ve never even been.

I went for the grand opening in May, and was enamored by the New York City section (obviously). It’s so cuteeee and it’s like touring the whole city at once.

Mainly, it’s fun to imagine yourself as Godzilla, trampling all the tourists in Time Square (what?)

You can even go over to mini Hudson Yards and see how construction is doing, then to the new-ish Whitney Museum in meatpacking. No Uber needed.

The teeniest Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade there’s ever been.

FiDi is well-represented with the Oculus, and the Brooklyn Bridge. The “key” that you’re given when you enter the exhibit opens up Easter eggs throughout the exhibit – like a spinning helicopter near the East River.

It’s a lovely tribute to the city, and a fun afternoon in the heart of it. Here’s a quick video for ya – a mini tour of the main sights of NYC; Grand Central Station, the Statue of Liberty and more.

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