A Trip Upstate: The Storm King Art Center

No, I don’t have a car in Manhattan. I get that question a lot. So while I can get around the city and back and forth to the airport just fine, I don’t usually make it out to upstate NY and the surrounding area. But, this weekend I did.


I’ve heard a lot about the Storm King Art Center, so I stopped by on the way back from my friend’s wedding. It’s basically a dream come true: a museum of larger-than-life art that’s outdoors in an unbelievable terrain. The grounds themselves are art.

How to get there: We had rented a car, but you can get there via bus, New Jersey Transit or Metro-North.

Admission: $18 for adults, and $8 for students  

Who to go with: A big group of friends or your SO

How to get around: Walking is great, but I was definitely jealous of those who rented a bike there

How far away from Manhattan? A little over an hour

Storm King is a giant green park with majestic structures scattered throughout. It felt to me like Rome – the way you stroll around and these behemoths just pop up around every corner. I suggest taking your time, throwing out the map, and just seeing it ALL.


I wasn’t familiar with a ton of the artists but I did recognize a bunch of structures by Alexander Calder. He is one of the highlights of the park.


Definitely make an effort to see “Wave Field” by Maya Lin.


While you’re there

Since you already went upstate, make a whole day out of it.

First, head to Woody’s All Natural Burgers & Fries. They are about 10 minutes’ drive from Storm King, they have fresh farm-to-table burgers and a nice casual outdoor patio. I ate it so fast, and forgot to take a picture of it…so…at least someone else did:

Next, go to Woodbury Common. It’s over 200 outlet stores, and the discounts are AMAZING. You actually might need an entire day for this…

So put this on your “to-do” list! Also, let me know if you’ve seen the Storm King Art Center on a recent Season 2 of a certain Netflix show….ahem…


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