A New Me, Found on the New York City Subway

You know how some days are just GREAT? Like, you walk out of the apartment, it’s sunny, it’s fabulous and everything that happens seems “meant to be.”

Well today was one of those great days. This year I’ve been sick way too many times and had some general “life” craziness happen to me, but this past week I’ve overcome it all. I feel good. And I think it’s starting to exude back positively into the world.

Today, an artist on the subway pinpointed me and surprised me by drawing my photo.  He sat right next to me and said, “which stop?” so I told him. He goes, “ok I have about 6 minutes then.” And he started drawing a quick charcoal portrait of me.

subway art nyc

When he gave me my portrait he smiled and said, “you’re the happiest person on this subway.”

portrait nyc
Pretty good, huh?

I love this crazy spectacular city.


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