29 Amazing NYC Food Instagrammers to Follow

As I set out to launch my (surprise!) week-long collaboration with West Coast food-grammer, @TheNosyFoodie, I thought I would catch you up on the food Instagrammer world here in New York City.

Here are some amazing NYC Food Instagrammers to follow, each with their own angle to the food scene in New York City. The list includes extremely sarcastic, to incredibly punny…some throw their food and others place it meticulously for a gorgeous flatlay.

  1. Fatguyfrombrooklyn
  2. Loopedfood
  3. Ehgg
  4. TinaEats_
  5. NYCFeast
  6. TheNinaBobo
  7. Rebecca_Chews_NYC
  8. TheDishelinGuide
  9. FoodBabyNYC
  10. TastesofNY
  11. ForkFeed
  12. NYFoodGram
  13. Foodbabyny
  14. BrianCantStopEating
  15. OMGItsBomb
  16. YeahFoodBeer
  17. DevourPower
  18. HungryManAboutTown
  19. EatwithMeUSA
  20. CY_eats
  21. NewForkCity
  22. CheatDayEats
  23. HungryNYC
  24. AllisonKimchi
  25. JasonEats
  26. HungryHipsters
  27. UnbuttoningPants
  28. DontExpectSalads
  29. DontHateMeCuzImHungry

Keep track of @MaryinManhattan and @TheNosyFoodie on Instagram this week. We’ll each be posting pics of a secret summer snack all week…stay tuned… 



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