Giveaway! Win One of Three Free New York City Dance Classes

A little while ago, I posted on my favorite places to dance in New York City. Now, one of my favorite places to learn amazing choreography to fun pop musical and musical theater tunes, Broadway Bodies, is partnering with me to do a special giveaway.

This is awesome, because classes are usually $20. How do you win? Click the link below and enter between May 14 – May 26. From there, three winners will be chosen to win one free dance class each.

Win one of three free NYC dance classes!

broadway bodies

Once you enter, please “oo” and “ahhh” at the many amazing classes you can choose from at Broadway Bodies. Ahem, the Bieber Fever class is amazing.

They also have a new GUYS ONLY class called “Sexy Back.” Yes, gentlemen…this is where you learn the smooth moves of Justin Timberlake.

Remember to click the link above to automate your entries. Thanks for playing, and good luck! Feel free to share with friends, too.



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