The New York City Blog Squad: 7 Bloggers that Know Everything You Need to Know About NYC

Inspired by UsedYorkCity’s blogger brunch yesterday, I’ve decided to put together a list of New York City’s most avid, passionate and informative bloggers. Follow us and you’ll be an expert on this city in no time.

Vantage Points.png

Used York City: This blog is about using this city to your advantage. We live in it, so why not do everything we can!? Jess gives great tips on how to best spend your time living and touring NYC.


New York Cliche: Mary Lane was one of the first bloggers I met when I started blogging about NYC. She is a fearless adventurer with a keen sense of humor. Follow her for some hilarious (all true!) NYC stories.

New York Cliche

XO John: John is the nightlife man. He’s at every damn event in the city, I don’t know how he does it. Check out his blog to see what’s going on with celebs here in NYC, and generally what happens at those fancy red carpet parties you always see on the cover of People magazine.

Rendezvous en New York: Trudy sees every New York experience as a fun little rendezvous. Whether it’s a chat with a famous artist, a new dessert dish or a serendipitous occasion on her way to yoga class, prepare to be highly amused.

rendezvous nyc

Tea with B: Becca intermingles her passion for tea, New York City and beauty products in her upbeat lifestyle blog. Head to her blog to learn about the latest cozy cafe or tea/cookie pairing.


Tracy’s New York Life: Tracy gives solid tips on how to live a sophisticated New York Life. She’s also a wonderful resource for travelers coming to New York City for their first, second, FIFTH, or hundredth time!

Mad Hatters NYC: A wonderful NYC couple who are known for their event and food “pairings.” They will go to a cool museum, outdoor art installation or walking tour and then pair it with a delicious nearby meal. Drool-worthy photos included.


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