New Cookie Butter Ice Cream Flavor – and Carvel’s Annual Free Cone Day in NYC

You can try Carvel’s new soft cookie butter ice cream for free today through 8:00 p.m. at Carvel locations. Deets are here. Oh, you can also get chocolate or vanilla if you want to be boring, but I would recommend trying something with a lil’ more flair.

Carvel had an amazing immersive media event a few weeks ago, and I got to try their new Cookie Butter ice cream flavor. The new flave comes through this INGENIOUS partnership with Lotus Biscoff (THE cookie butter company that many of us know, love, and frequently eat on its own).

IMG_9352 2.JPG
My Carvel/Lotus flight attendants on my immersive ice cream journey

Like I said, I couldn’t stop eating this ice cream at the event, and FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m lactose intolerant. Yeah….


…but it was worth it.

You can get all the below items at any Carvel store for a limited time (ahem, cookie butter shake, cookie butter sundae dasher, cookie butter flying saucer…mmm)

cookie butter ice cream

carvel ice cream sundae

cookie butter ice cream sandwich

Take a pic of your cone and tag me @maryinmanhattan

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