Secret Concerts are Happening all Over New York City

Yep, secret concert pop ups are happening all over New York City.

Sofarsounds gives you the date, time and general location leading up to the concert, but you’re alerted of the exact location the day before the performance. You never know what kind of location you’re going to get: creepy dungeon, luxury apartment, sunny park…it could be anywhere.

Sofarsounds NYC

The point is to bring together people for budget-friendly, intimate concerts. No pushing, no drunk people all up in your business, and a good view of the show for everyone.

I went to a concert this week and saw Oh Malo, Danielle-Helena and John Something – three great local musicians. They were all completely different, but equally pleasant to listen to.

There is a BYOB policy, and the whole thing was super loungey and chill. Like a picnic with a bunch of new friends.

Sofarsounds NYC

Try it out, tickets are around $15. This is perfect for a date, a meet-up with an old friend, or a girls’ night out.

There were also a few people there that had been to Sofarsounds concerts around the world – yep it’s a global organization! What a cool way to meet locals.

Want to go to one in NYC?? Hit me up @maryinmanhattan



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