Tiny NYC Kitchen Chronicles: Ladies’ Night In Fall Cocktail

Warm cinnamon aromas, fresh apple and citrus flavors and a rich, cozy red wine…that’s what I call Fall in a Glass.

I had my first ladies’ night in of the season last week (when it was actually cold outside), and made a super easy, seemingly complicated fancy cocktail. Yes, and I did it all in my tiny NYC kitchen. Here’s what you need:

apple cinnamon sangria

Apple Cinnamon Sangria

1 bottle red wine (Astoria “Primo Rosso” Red Blend IGT recommended for its full bodied berry flavors)

1/2 cup brandy (Soberano Brandy recommended – it’s a classic brandy, with a caramel finish)

1 cup apple cider

1 Golden Delicious apple, diced (reserve a few slices for garnish)

1 Honeycrisp apple, diced (reserve a few slices for garnish)

1/2 orange, sliced

1/2 orange, juiced

2 cinnamon sticks (plus 1 for garnish)


red wine

And here’s what to do before the ladies arrive:

1) Fill a large pitcher with the cinnamon sticks, diced apples, and sliced oranges. Add wine, brandy, apple cider, and orange juice.

2) Stir well.  

3) Pour into a glass filled with ice, garnish with cinnamon stick and colorful apple slices, and enjoy.   

fall cocktail

So basically, with some booze, fruit and juice you can make an amazingly cute and delicious cocktail. Everyone exclaimed how much they loved the flavors; “OooooOoo it tastes like fall!” “I love the hint of orange.”

Ugh I can’t believe how excited I got over this cocktail…I’m losing my edge. THAT CINNAMON STICK GARNISH THOUGH.

You’re basically required to finish all the red wine, but if you have a full bottle of Soberano Brandy, you can use it for drinks throughout the year; summer sangrias, winter hot toddies…it’s a handy bottle to maintain in the liquor cabinet.

I hope you try it! Tag me in your Instagram pics of how it goes @maryinmanhattan.

*I received wine and brandy samples courtesy of the respective brands.

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