There are Plans for a Bigger, Better Statue of Liberty Museum

All visitors to Liberty Island will have a change to check out the new Statue of Liberty Museum when it opens in 2019! Right now, only a percentage of visitors can actually go into the current museum due to security measures, and that’s too bad because people come from all over the world to experience it. Here are plans for the bigger, better Statue of Liberty Museum:

statue of liberty museum

  1. The museum will be more accessible – all 4.3 million visitors per year will be able to enter
  2. There will be no advance reservations – just show up!
  3. The design is environmentally responsible
  4. Inside, there will be an immersive theater will virtual experiences
  5. An engagement gallery will show how the statue was constructed
  6. The inspiration gallery will allow visitors to make their mark by signing the Liberty Mosaic
  7. The original torch! That’s right – the one Lady Liberty holds today is a replacement torch. This is the real deal.

statue of liberty torch

So right now, Diane von Furstenberg and a whole fundraising board are working on raising $100 million to make the museum happen. Anyone can donate if they feel like it!

Let’s chat about it! @maryinmanhattan and @ellisisland #StatueOfLibertyMuseum.

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