The New Yorker’s Remedy to Dry Skin

With this psychotic up and down NYC weather, it’s important to have a moisturizer that sticks with you. I found one that’s portable, for all my NYC adventures – it’s called Green Goo.


YES IT’S GREEN. And it is awesome. It is only $10*, and so far it’s lasted me six months (and it’s not even halfway through). The products are all natural – no funky chemicals. Which, normally I don’t care about as long as it works well. And it does. I carry this in my pocket literally everywhere.

Winter Mary enjoys Green Goo

What’s amazing? I have eczema on my hands normally, but this winter it went completely away with Green Goo. THANK YOU GREEN GOO GODS.

Now, of course I am in New York City – a metropolitan area. But what happens when I send some Green Goo to my friend Dylan in Idaho? He’s doing some serious biological field work, so I sent him the First Aid Green Goo. He’ll report back soon on how it worked…


In the meantime, grab some Goo online or at one of their retailers in NYC.

*I received a free sample of this product


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