Finally, a Place to Eat with Your Gluten Free Friend


The restaurant, Senza Gluten, is a savior to those of us with gluten free friends. Lolz. It’s also a savior to people who need to are actually allergic or intolerant to gluten because it’s 100% gluten free.

west village dining

This Italian restaurant in the West Village is a GODSEND with its al dente pasta, bruschetta and chocolate lava cake – I wouldn’t know it was gluten free if they didn’t tell me.

I took my friend Adina, the person I know with the most food issues, to help me out with a tasting at Senza Gluten. Between the two of us (me, being pretty much lactose free), we were challenging clientele, but Senza Gluten DELIVERED. The staff was serious about all types of food allergies and intolerances. In fact, the entire restaurant is gluten free – they don’t allow anything with gluten inside the kitchen nor the dining area.

gluten free

What we ate

  1. Bruschetta Originale: The bread was crisp, and the tomatoes ripe and delicious.
  2. Fried Calamari: So fresh and crispy, and the sauce action was spicy and creamy at the same time
  3. Penne al Pomodoro: Adina chose this classic pasta with red sauce and basil to truly test out the restaurant. Her thought: the most basic pasta dish without any bells & whistles will truly show off the skills of the chef. Did he pass the test? YES. She ate the whole thing.
  4. Spaghetti alle Vongole: Clams and fresh pasta with parsley in a white wine sauce. So fresh, clean and classic. It was everything you want out of a lighter style pasta dish.
  5. Torta al Cioccolato: One of the MANY dessert choices. This was made fresh to order so it took a little while, but they warn you when you order. I have to say, it satisfied my chocolate cravings for about a week (which is a long time because I have soooo many chocolate cravings).
  6. Red velvet mini cupcakes: Not my fave. I personally think cupcakes should be a bit fluffier, so maybe this was the only thing the gluten free restaurant couldn’t revive. The sorbet that came with it though? I’ll take another serving pleaseeeeeeeee.

gluten free restaurant


pasta with clams

italian desserts

Why I would come back:

  • What this is great for: eating out with a friend who is gluten free/intolerant. They don’t have to worry about ANYTHING the whole evening. Gives them a little freedom from having to explain their food intolerances.
  • There are so many options. They have their regular menu, but on top of that, there were about 20 specials to choose from.
  • It’s also great for any other type of intolerance or allergy. The chef even encourages diners to call ahead to discuss ingredients if they have multiple allergies.
  • I want to come again when the outside space is open – looking at it, I could just imagine a calm, warm evening eating classic Italian food and people watching

Overall, a delicious place that happens to be VERY convenient for those who can’t eat gluten. Keep in mind it is cash only unless you have Amex.

mary in manhattan

*Our meal was compliments of Senza Gluten

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