Manhattan Mayhem: The Time I Got Locked in a Room


Last week I got an email from Escape Entertainment. They wanted me to get locked in a room with a bunch of my friends in a matter of days. I was TOTALLY IN. We were to solve the “Manhattan Mayhem” room.

escape entertainment

I had done an “Escape” type experience before this…it wasn’t very well done. I mean, I had a ton of fun because my friends were with me, but it was a bit…unimpressive. So, I was curious to see if this particular game would be worth it.

Never heard of an escape room before? I must sound insane then. Let me explain. It’s actually a fun game where you have a certain amount of time to get out of a room using a series of clues. You really have to put your thinking caps on.

I summoned a quick crew, and we met in the lobby of Escape Entertainment at 10 in the morning. Our brains weren’t exactly ready to go, but the Escape team was and we were quickly escorted into a room and briefed on our mission to save New York City.

My overall feeling walking into even just the waiting area was, “yup, this is gonna be good.” We were welcomed with leather couches and mysterious puzzles and games…like something out of a movie.

mind games

The game room was even better. It was colorful, with painted walls and big wooden structures representing iconic Manhattan buildings. There was a huge table in the middle of the room, and a bunch of objects surrounding us…tiny pianos, plastic fruit…I won’t tell you anymore so you can see for yourself.

escape room
Photo courtesy of Escape Entertainment’s Yelp page

Once we were locked in, we had an hour to complete our mission. Apparently only ⅓ of the groups who play, actually get out. Well, I must brag: we got out. We got out with 17 minutes left on the clock. Not that it was easy! We are just extremely intelligent (and undoubtedly beautiful) individuals.

escape entertainment

This game is an amazing way to spend a Saturday morning, or afternoon, with a group of friends or colleagues. The game is $29 per person, just as much as brunch. Treat yo’self to a game soon, you guys will be talking about this foreverrrrrr.


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