The Most Colorful Pizza in Town


If you’re ready for another culinary adventure in the East Village, try the most colorful pizza in town. Via Della Pace Pizza serves up a righteous slice at a brick-lined hideaway that will transport you right to Rome.

italian restaurant

I got to try this new restaurant last month, and let me tell you, they gave us the works. My friend Michelle and I tried two colorful pizzas (naturally flavored unlike Pizza Hut who smashes bacon and fake cheese into theirs), their signature salad, full glasses of wine and of course a dessert of fried Nutella goodness.


What we ate:

  1. Pizza with black squid ink dough: this one had smoked salmon and chives, but toppings change every season. I loved the concept of the dough, and it also tasted superb. It had a slight squid ink flavor, and the dough was that perfect thin Roman style.
  2. Pizza with saffron infused dough: this one was a white pizza with asparagus, avocado and pomegranate seeds. You could definitely taste the saffron – I think it enhanced the whole pizza.
  3. Zoccolette alla Nutella Fritte: an amazing fried bite with Nutella oozing out of it. A win all around.

squid ink pizza dough

saffron pizza


The pizzas were definitely adventurous – if you order one, be sure to go with a classic pizza to complement it. Lasagnas and other Italian specialties are available as well. All dishes are fresh, natural and made to order. Plus, the staff is awesome. They made friends with basically everyone in the restaurant.

pizza dough

This is a great place to go to catch up with a friend, or have a glass of wine and some delicious home-cooked Italian food after a long day. 



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