Quality Eats is for Serious Foodies Only


Sometimes flavor combos just don’t work. I hate those restaurants that try too hard just to be different. Avocado and dried squid ice cream just isn’t my thing. But there’s one West Village restaurant that is making weird flavor combos ACTUALLY WORK. Whodunnit? Quality Eats.

Peanut butter and jalapeno jelly on bacon? Creme brulee and steak? These flavor combos is why Quality Eats is my favorite restaurant IN THE WORLD right now, and here’s why you need to try it.


quality eats

*Editor’s note: I took the fastest photos possible because my date, Scott, was not having the photos. He has decided I am “too hipster” and I will go ahead and take that as an insult. I am not a hipster, but a blogger. Please accept my apology for the following blurry, out of focus, hastily-taken pics.

What we drank:

  1. Picket Fence: Bourbon, Mulled Apple Cider, Amaro (At $12 each, the drinks weren’t cheap, but whatevz. They were perfect in every way)
  2. Home Alone: Bourbon, Housemade Spruce Bitters, Cinnamon (I won. This was my choice. It was the best. Yes, Scott and I have food competitions.)


What we ate:

  1. Baked Potato Monkey Bread (…technically a side, but we had it as an app…it was warm and fluffy and the only problem was that there wasn’t enough of it)
  2. Steak Tartare (…paired with bone marrow butter on awesome french bread slices, it melted in mah mouth)
  3. Grilled Nueske’s Bacon (Basically a fat piece of bacon…but with peanut butter & jalapeno jelly it becomes MY FAVORITE DISH IN NEW YORK. No joke. This thing is life-changing)
  4. Long-Bone Short Rib Steak (This was The Scott’s entree. It comes with creme brulee-WTF. But it really worked! I had a couple of bites, and all I can say is it was DECADENT)
  5. Grilled Octopus (My main dish. I always love grilled octopus, and this one had buttery rice beans and beluga lentils in every bite. As traditional as it was, Quality Eats put their own spin on it)
  6. S’more scoop (Burnt marshmallow ice cream, graham cracker shortbread and fudge swirls made this dessert. I have a sweet tooth and this seriously satisfied that. I just don’t understand how they came up with this – SO AMAZING)
  7. Bar snacks scoop (With ingredients like sriracha peanuts and beer caramel, it sounded awesome but was too salty for me. Both of us thought that the s’more scoop totally won)

monkey bread

Steak tartare




ice cream

Why I would come back:

  1. PROMOTION! This is the perfect place for a special celebration…like gettin’ MO’ MONEY.
  2. Go on a date with a foodie. Take your bf/gf/serious foodie friend. The place is cozy, so not great for a big group, but one or two other friends who are seriously appreciative of good food and flavors will do.
  3. Late night desserts and cocktails.
  4. Brunch! Yes they have it now. If you’re not “OVER” brunch yet, do ittttt. (P.S. you should never be over brunch).

Since the restaurant is so new, reservations will be scarce, but keep trying! This place is BEYOND worth it. Not only was every appetizer, entree and dessert interesting, they were each delicious in a surprising way. I love places like this, the ones that totally exceed your expectations. Go ahead, TREAT YO’SELF.

quality eats


  1. Girl my BF already knows he not allowed to touch anything before I take pictures lols. But he also lives in Georgia so he doesn’t have to deal with it all the time. Did you use your phone or your digital camera to take these? You had much better lighting than where we were sitting.

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