SoulCycle, I’m Sorry. You’re Not What I Thought You Were.


Ok so I think I’m going insane. I’m on some kind of existential fitness fad journey. First Pure Barre, now SoulCycle? WHO AM I?

Well, normally I am someone who enjoys a good dance class. I grew up dancing (ballet and modern) and it wasn’t until college that I slowed down with that and found out that dancing was actually exercise in disguise. I like it that way – disguised. Otherwise, I feel like a hamster on a wheel when I go to the gym.

These days, I do a combo of Yoga and Zumba at New York Sports Club (shout outs to my fave yoga teacher, Ginger and the best Zumba teacher on Earth, Matthew). But I have been feeling adventurous (also there is a free SoulCycle class promo through January 18th).

With my free class confirmation in hand, I ventured to SoulCycle – a place I had abhorred the sight of just because of the pretentious stigma that I held of the people and classes.  I told my roommate “Ugh, I’m probably going to die in this class.” Because of my prior hatred for cycling. Why was I even going?

When I got there, it smelled of complimentary gum and happiness. The front desk staff immediately helped us find a locker and lent us free clip-on shoes for the bikes. We were like celebs.

front desk

When the class door opened and we found our pre-reserved bike numbers, the staff was there again, showing us how the bike worked and clipping our shoes onto the equipment. I already saw why people like this place so much.

cycling shoes
Bring your own water!

THEN, a girl sat down next to me, jut her hand out for a shake and said “HI, I’M ALEX, IS THIS YOUR FIRST SOULCYCLE?” It was like a strangely warm cult I was about to be a part of.

Then, Sean the purveyor of Soul came in. He looked cool. His music was cool. He got on his bike in the front of the room and directed us to start turning our wheels.

It seems each class has its own music theme – this class was Rock.

I liked cycling to the Beatles.

The class ended before I could get my bike at full resistance (I was taking it slow, anticipating my own demise). But I didn’t die.

I didn’t die, and it was…fun.




  1. I was just intensely googling Soulcycle. I use to cycle a lot in college but now that I’m working and my gym membership is both no free and non-existent, I thought I would give Soul Cycle a try and this article was exactly the push I needed. Thanks!

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