Try the World in New York City

Have you heard of Try the World? It’s one of those awesome box subscriptions, except for high-end foods. It’s like you’re traveling the world, sampling all kinds of cuisines but you didn’t have to buy a plane ticket to get there.

My colleague Barney (who has an awesome fragrance blog) and I got to preview the Try the World Pop-up shop last night on the Lower East Side – it’s on 118 Orchard Street, and it’ll be there from 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.  every day through December 31st.


You gotta check it out – there will be free samples, special chef appearances and you can purchase some of the boxes and products themselves to give those serious foodies in your life this Christmas. If you want to visit the shop online, I have a 20% off code! It’s POPUPEXCLUSIVE.


We got to meet the founders while we were there – David and Kat. They’re super cool, one’s a foodie and one’s a traveler. They came together in grad school at Columbia to create this idea, and it’s really taking off.



Fun Fact: The Try the World company sources gourmet foods from all over the world. They chose a delicious Moroccan cookie for the holiday box, and ordered more cookies than the company has made in their history of production. Now, the cookie company is getting incredible demand from Try the World, which single-handedly boosted their popularity and sales.

The famous cookies!

Make a point to head to the shop this week or next! This is a fantastic gift idea – the box itself or a few of the products they’re selling separately. Thinking about doing the subscription? See what I got in my Try the World box – the theme was holiday, although they normally are themed by country:

Have fun! Eat well.



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