Class Up Your Holiday Shopping in the West Village

My friend and I stumbled upon Flat 128 after brunch at Dominique Bistro, just to do some window shopping. What a cute spot! I thought I would take some photos to share with you what I found, and to let you know that the West Village might as well be the best place to go Christmas shopping in NYC – no crowds being the main perk. Let’s get off our cyber shopping butts and actually have a nice weekend browsing and strolling the West Villy.

Meet Liz DuBois



Uber fashionable and chic, Liz grew up in New York and moved back and forth to London throughout her life. She found that a lot of the jewelry she was finding in Britain matched her style perfectly, and wanted to share it with the New York City scene. Now, her dream is a reality and she’s opened a boutique in the West Village – a very fitting location for Flat 128, the address of her old London digs.

The boutique

So when you walk into her store, what you’re seeing is British designed home decor, jewelry and accessories that can’t be found anywhere else in New York.


It’s totes worth checking out these beautiful works of art curated with care by Liz. It’s also worth noting that there is a secret bookshelf! Yes, like in those old spy movies.

Why the West Village

…is such a fun place to be. Like I said, no crazy touristy crowds tackling you while you shop. You’ll always be sure to stumble upon a pop up shop, which are great for finding gifts for the picky ones on your list…


…or hang out with puppies…

We found a little shop right across from Flat 128!

…or even see a few New York Sights.

sex and the city
The Sex and the City house! 64 Perry Street.

So make it fun and uncover some great gifts in the West Village this weekend!


  1. Love your post!! That dog is adorable and these places sound so fun! I have never been to NYC< want to go sooo bad , I am a fashion fiend and that is the place to bask in it!! Hopefully soon, thanks for sharing this great post!!


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