Brittany from Boston & Mary in Manhattan

I’m psyched – travel blogger, Brittany from Boston, will be visiting New York City next weekend. She’s been to New York City a few times, but she’s doing something a little different this time – she’s tasked me to create the Ultimate Girls’ Weekend itinerary for her!

The main requirement? It’s gotta be something a local would do.  I think she came to the right place.

So, I’ve shared the itinerary with Brittany, and she’s ready to go! I won’t reveal the full itinerary until after her mission, but follow her @brittanyfromboston and myself, @maryinmanhattan on Instagram to find hints on the ultimate girls’ getaway in New York City.

Of course, we’ll be meeting up for brunch – Brittany from Boston and Mary in Manhattan together – HOW CUTE.

A few things I have her doing:

-Becoming the princess of Belvedere Castle in Central Park

-Making and learning about history (in a cool way) on the Lower East Side

-Getting a taste of the BEST COOKIE IN THE WORLD

-Seeing a Broadway show while successfully avoiding the mayhem of Times Square

-Mural scouting

-Thrillist’s Holiday Hideaway popup


This should be AWESOME! Welcome to NYC, Brittany!


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