Free Bathrooms in Prime Shopping Locations


When you gotta go…YOU JUST GOTTA GO, DAMMIT.

That’s why I’ve listed my personal favorite public bathrooms in the city. Ok now it sounds like I’m obsessed with bathrooms. I’m not. I just appreciate having a free one available, especially while shopping around New York.

If you’re on upper 5th Ave

Head into the Plaza Food Hall – the bathroom is actually its own separate entrance (very grand). You’ll see it if you’re going West on Central Park South past the Plaza Food Hall. Go into the black door on the left and down the stairs. Your porcelain throne awaits.

If you’re in Herald Square

First of all, I’m sorry. It’s like the crappiest part of the city, no pun intended. When you gotta go, pop into the Manhattan Mall, which is an actual mall that no one remembers exists on 33rd and Broadway.

If you’re in Union Square

Don’t bother going into Starbucks or Panera. It’s all about Nordstrom Rack.

If you’re in Soho

Pearl River Mart has toilets on the lower floor. They may not be around long, though, so use it while you can.

Godspeed to you.


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