I’m New Yorker of the Week!

Jess at Used York City chose me as New Yorker of the week! Woohoo! So honored.

You should check out her blog and the full post here. She features New Yorkers frequently, so it’s a great place to see what’s up in the city through local eyes.


Today we’re so excited to welcome to the blog travel industry guru and fellow blogger Mary, to share with you a slice of her NYC life!


Name: Mary in Manhattan.  My friends call me Mary.  It’s weird, right?

Occupation: Currently doing PR for some super cool travel & lifestyle clients.

New Yorker since: Over 3 years ago, I found my first roommate on Craigslist and moved in two days later without having seen the apartment.  She turned out to be AWESOME and not sketchy at all.

What hood do you live in? Upper Best Side (no bias here).

Where do you get your morning coffee? Fo’ Free!  In my office.  I love bargains.

Restaurant you’d be really, really sad bordering on clinically depressed if they closed: Uhhh Prosperity Dumpling – cheapest dumplings ever.  And it JUST CLOSED.  So now I’m really sad, bordering on clinically depressed.  At least there’s still Vanessa’s

Every tourist must visit: Long Island City.  Such a cool place with its parks and museums.  Plus, hotels are super cheap over there right now.

NYC trend you’re currently loving/hating: I love to hate juicing.  Why is that still happening?  What’s wrong with a smoothie, people?  Or just ice cream?  Mmm…ice cream.

Favorite way to while away a (non-workday!) NYC afternoon: Central Park chillin’.  My fave is to grab a baguette, some cheese and prosciutto at Trader Joe’s, lay out a blanket in the park and stay all day, making up stories about everyone that walks by.  People watching is my favorite pastime.

NYC’s best kept secret: How to use the subway.  You’ll never know until you live here.  Then, when you live here, you actually still won’t know.

For more on Mary, check out her blog Mary In Manhattan.  For more tips from locals, click here.

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