What it’s REALLY Like to go to New York Fashion Week

Yes, today concludes New York Fashion Week…but there’s always next season. And the season after that, and the season after that. It’s the gift that keeps on strutting its skinny butt by you and your 4-year-old jeans.

This year was the first NYFW that I’ve attended, and I have to say, I got really into it. I went to two shows, and both were mesmerizing, fascinating and only a little bit of what I expected. Here’s what to know about NYFW:

If you aren’t attending, walk around in front of the main venue

Find out where the main runway is located and bring your camera. It won’t seem out of the ordinary because there are a bunch of photographers standing by doing the same thing you’re doing: trying to find the wackiest outfit of the season, and stalking celebrities. Check out these amazing photos of attendees’ outfits on Tracy’s New York Life.


Plan your outfit

I thought this was stupid. Turns out it wasn’t stupid. I ended up wearing Banana Republic chic, and planning to tell anyone that asks that I’m the “everyday fashionista.” You know, for people that CHOOSE to look normal, not because they can’t afford THE LATEST FASHIONS or whatever… Either way, Banana Republic worked and I got no questions.


Learn to use your camera

I just got a new camera a couple of weeks ago, and luckily I learned it inside and out.  It’s very tricky shooting a moving person who is COVERED in bright lights. I was able to change the aperture at lightning speeds, but check out the first picture I took because I wasn’t prepared:

fashion week

The media is nuts

Just look at this setup. It was like this at the end of every runway!


The models move FAST

Wow, they were speeding down the runway in their stilettos to the “unce, unce” of the pulsing music.

Monique Lhuillier’s show
The shows were SHORT

Um, like not even 10 minutes long. And right when the lights came back on, the audience literally RAN out of their seats onto the next show. Amazing. Like clockwork. (And I don’t say that a lot. Mostly because I’m not 78 years old, but nonetheless…)

fashion show
Malan Breton’s show
You meet great people

Meet Scout, a fashion merchandizing student from Kentucky:


It was beautiful and breathtaking and I loved it

Truly amazing. Even for those short few minutes, the whole event is stunning, heart-racing and completely captivating. Having grown up a dancer, actor and all-around lover of theatre, these were shows like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Monique Lhuillier
A few more highlights of the shows I attended:

  • Malan Breton was a game-changer. He showcased all races, genders and ages throughout the performance.



  • Monique Lullier – I basically wanted all her spring dresses, as did everyone else at the show.


If you get the chance to go, take it! Follow me on Instagram to see more pics of the shows. Also be sure to check out the NYFW snapchat story – it’s so cool seeing behind the scenes.

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