The Must-Know Non-Stuffy Networking Groups in New York City

Everything can be a career networking opportunity – I’ve done my best networking done in shared cabs and ubers. But sometimes a more organized event is great for getting face-time with people in your industry, or just making friends.

Here are some of the best, most fun networking groups I’ve personally experienced in New York City:


What it is: A networking group for the 20-30 age group. They usually have free events in trendy bars around the city, as well as some more interesting locations like tennis courts, rock climbing gyms, etc. They do free events frequently, and even though some of their best events are free for members only, there is a small fee you can pay to be a part of those ($15-$20).

Best part: The hosts are pros, they’re fantastic at connecting people with each other so the experience doesn’t get awkward.

New York Women in Communications (NYWICI)


What it is: A networking group for professional women of all ages. There is a fee to be a part of it, although some events are open to the public. I attended their “Ladies Who Laugh” event last week at Caroline’s on Broadway, which raised over $12,259 for NYWICI Foundation scholarships (for women who want to pursue an education in communications).

Best part: You can mingle with people that have been in the communications world for a number of years. It’s always good to network with people your age, but someone who is older has a career-wide perspective.

Dolls of the City

What it is: Started by two entrepreneurial spirits, this club is all about meeting fun New York City based women over a wine tasting, spa night or fancy rooftop bar.

Best for: Fun, friendship-making experiences. I watched Magic Mike XXL for free before it opened in theatres. Yes, there was a lot of hootin’ and hollerin’ in the audience.

General Assembly

What it is: A startup-centric company that does classes, workshops and events in cities all over the country. I attended a free networking event with “Millennial Disruptor” guest speakers. Very informative and inspirational.

Best for: Techies. But I actually enjoyed hearing about an industry in which I’m not very well-versed.

Let me know which groups I need to try out in the city! @maryinmanhattan

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