Tiny NYC Apartment Decor: Make home your own

The first thing I have to do when I get a new apartment is to “nest.” I need the apartment to look like my own, and to look DAMN CUTE but I don’t want to spend too much money, decorating the entire place at once.

In my current apartment, I started with a few decorative items to throw on the walls, then I start picking up little things here and there with time. Let me show you what kinds of decor I use in my tiny NYC apartment that I recommend to anyone who is making a new apartment look like home:

Photo canvases

This is my absolute favorite decor idea, because you can add your own personal experiences to a piece of art. Fabness is a company that creates high-quality canvases from your own photography. It LOOKS profesh, and like you purchased it somewhere fancy. But you didn’t. The middle canvas in the picture was actually an instagram picture that they made look SUPERB. Fabness is always having a sale, so I got the three of these for less than $100 total.


Street art

Wherever you live (if it’s not NYC, then I don’t understand…), I’m sure there are local  artists that craft small pieces of affordable art. I grabbed a bunch from Times Square one day ($1 each) and put them in my living room in a cool pattern. Travel art is always a wonderful touch – if you do it enough, you’ll have your own collection.

street art

A unique rug

Cool rugs can make a room. It’s just that easy sometimes, when you live in a 2-square foot apartment. Etsy is a great place to grab one of these, because not many people have that particular item. Try this rug for the world traveler – it’s on my wish list, for when I have more floor space in my apartment in like 20 years.

Photo credit: Etsy.com, user: RedBeauty

Hanging lamp

When you are done covering the walls, it’s time to utilize ceiling space. There are so many cool drop lights you can get – one good option with lots of texture is this fluffy feather lamp from Kontrast.  I went to an event sponsored by EVENTLAND last month for the Danish designer, and saw the lamp in full force – it’s incredibly whimsical, and I haven’t seen anyone else with them yet.


The Tchotchke

Sometimes you just need that cute modern THING that isn’t super necessary, but is a talking piece and brings your apartment some flair. Try out a website like Gilt.com for these – they are always having sales on designer items that are normally ridiculously expensive. Right now, they are having a Johnathan Adler sale – you know, that store you drool in front of but can never actually go in and buy anything.

Because sometimes you need a “Mantique” shower curtain. Photo courtesy: Gilt.com

Yeah, it’s hard to wait to make your apartment look pretty but sometimes it’s worth taking the time to think a little bit. You don’t want to be stuck with mundane items that anyone could have!

What’s your fave piece of art or decor in your current apartment? Did you make your own?



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