Other Cities Wish they Had this New App

There’s a new app that’s going to make you look like the hero of bar-hopping in New York City.

TAABS, the new iPhone app developed by two 26-year-old native New Yorkers, allows people our age search how we search.

Start with any majorly important category (Scene, Money, Food, Drinks, Amenities, Venue and Music), then more specifically with the “tabs.”



They even have a Miscellaneous category if you crave disco balls, exposed brick, people watching or taxidermy.

Last night, cofounders Max Bosch and Brian Helfman had an official launch party as cool as they are. It was in The Back Room on the Lower East Side and I was invited to see what the app is all about.

Can you spot me in the background? Photo Cred: TAABS 
the back room
My bourbon cocktail in a tea cup….cause speakeasies, right?

I talked to some people at the party to see if they’d used the app yet. Most had, and the consensus was that it was the best unbiased way to find out what bars and venues are worth going to, before you walk in and spend money on a crappy yet expensive g&t.


Why is this app a win? Because it’s so hard to sift through NYC nightlife options without going insane. You have a specific group that has specific needs, and there’s so much pressure to find that perfect spot. Girls brunch? Now you can search for a “sophisticated” bar that’s “good for groups” and has “Spanish food.”

I’m already a “user” and it’s proven to be super accurate so far. Let me know how it goes once you download TAABS from the app store.

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