Restaurant Grand Opening Party: Serafina Harlem

I feel like I’ve been hearing more and more about Harlem these days. Tourists from all over want to visit the area-it’s on the top of their sightseeing lists, right next to the Empire State Building and the High Line.

That’s why it was smart of Serafina restaurant to make the move to Harlem.

I was invited to attend the Serafina Harlem grand opening party, and am super pleased with the location. It’s on 122nd and Amsterdam, which is bright and airy, and the interior of Serafina reflects that. At the opening party, media, guests and members of the community were able to meet the owners, Fabio Granato and Nicholas Granato, see the pasta ribbon cutting ceremony, mingle with the likes of the Italian Consul General in NYC and have all the wine, pizza and gnocchi we wanted.

Can’t wait to come back to enjoy the outdoor seating this summer.

Snippets from the grand opening:

I hung out near the kitchen…it’s really cool cause you can see the wood-fired oven from the dining area
italian food
Oh yeah, there were also some amazing, cheesy paninis (the restaurant’s artist Pato Paez walking by in the background).
Even the bathroom was cool! Mirror shot. (Am I in high school?)
in food we trust
Something we can all agree on
Vino fo’ days
Nice and rustic – Chef Erminio Conte overseeing the petite pizzas

Check them out on Twitter @SerafinaHarlem, or go try that perfect thin-crust pizza for yourself.


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