Your New Summer Obsession…On a Boat

What could be better than a floating lobster shack?  The answer is nothing.

north river lobster cruise

North River Lobster Company has brought us a beautiful thing that is just that. Get on the boat at 41st street and the Hudson River (Pier 81), pick a picnic bench on any of the three decks, order some oysters and a beer, then set sail.

IMG_8434 IMG_8445

There is no cost to ride the boat, you just need to pay for your food and drinks – this is not a joke.

raw bar

The food is equivalent to an upscale lobster shack – good quality and flavor. I had the fish tacos, tried the clam chowder and the fish & chips and they were all satisfying. The fish & chips may be one of the better versions of the dish I’ve ever tried. I did not (repeat: DID NOT) try the lobster ice cream. But someone should do that.  Let me know how it goes.

fish tacos
Fish tacos – super crispy and flavorful

Things to know: The boat sails northwards, which is not as cool as sailing towards the Statue of Liberty, and also the music was a little ‘eh.’ Nonetheless, it’s fun to do with a group of friends during the day, and definitely a noteworthy event for anyone that comes to visit you in NYC.


This boat sets sail at the following times:


(Duration: 45 minutes per sail, but you are allowed to stay on the boat as long as you’d like).


12.30PM – 1.15PM

3.00PM – 3.45PM

7.00PM – 7.45PM

9.00PM – 9.45PM

Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

12.30PM – 1.15PM

3.00PM – 3.45PM

5.00PM – 5.45PM

7.00PM – 7.45PM

9.00PM – 9.45PM



Now go this weekend! Enjoy the wind in your hair, and the feeling that you aren’t trapped in the hot frying pan of a place that is New York City.


  1. This looks like lots of fun! Your photos show it! Thanks for posting… I didn’t know about it before: )
    It does look like the perfect way to see the city and enjoy the food!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] Mary from the cool blog “Mary in Manhattan” gave me this awesome recommendation. The North River Lobster Company is a boat…with seafood. Enough said. Other options include Governor’s Island and […]


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