Hot Ramen Spots for Cool Days

Guys…why is it cold again? I thought it was officially 80 degrees forever. EITHER WAY, let’s get some ramen tonight. It’s cheap, it’s delicious, it’s fast and it’s warm.

Top ramen spots (but not that Top Ramen):

Totto Ramen Midtown East and West

Now with a location on the east side, hungry people can grab a bowl without sitting in line for an hour. This particular restaurant is fun because you can mix and match and add your own toppings. Cocktails are good here too!

Totto ramen

Jin Ramen Upper West Side and Harlem

Any of the options with creamy broth are amazing. This is also the first place I’ve had shishito peppers and they’re pretty good – not very much flavor, but crunchy and a good appetizer.

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen
Shishito peppers
Shishito peppers

Momofuku Noodle Bar East Village

The ramen bowls here are some of the most flavorful in the city. It’s not as authentic as others, but is really great for spice-lovers.

Super cheapo option:

Pho Bang Chinatown

*I realize this is pho, and not ramen. But if the title of the article was “hot Asian style soups” it would be too long and boring.

This is definitely the best bang for your buck, and the most authentic. Pho Bang is on Mott street and serves delicious Pho and spring rolls. The bathrooms suck, so definitely…go…before you go.

Pho Pho Bang

Enjoy! And stay warm.

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