Tiny NYC Kitchen Bites: Spanakopita

Today, we are creating the meal of my ANCESTORS (or at least the hors d’oeuvre of my ancestors). Yes, we are making authentic GREEK Spanakopita (spinach pie) in honor of Greek Independence Day.

You will need:
2 squares feta, imported
2 frozen boxes chopped spinach
Large curd cottage cheese – 1 1/2 size
1 cup Romano and Parmesan
2 eggs
Green onions – chopped and browned in a pan
Salt, pepper & dill to taste
FILO dough – 1 package
Lots o’ butter
pastry brush
1. Mentally prepare. Sing the national anthem of Greece. This will get you PSYCHED for what is to be an action-filled cooking experience.Yes, I have that song memorized due to years of Greek school, and Greek Independence parades, and you should too.
Greek flag, flying free *http://www.malathronas.com
2. Mix together: feta, spinach, cottage cheese, Romano and Parm, eggs, green onions, salt, pepper and a little bit of dill in a large bowl and mix until integrated.
My Venezuelan roommate being more Greek than me.
3. Melt a bowl of butter.
4. Open the package of Filo. You need to move quickly, because the dough dries out fast. It helps to keep a damp paper towel on top of the dough that is not being used in the moment.
5. Carefully pick up one leaf of Filo, put it down in your workspace, and brush with melted butter. Pick up another leaf, and spread it directly on top of the first. Repeat for 7 leaves of dough.
Roommate slaving away while I take pictures
6. Spoon the spinach and feta mixture along the long edge of the dough layers, leave space at each end.
7. Roll the dough, seal edges with butter.
8. Repeat the process until the entire package of filo is gone. Make half-cuts in the log of raw spanakopita, because it will be easier to cut when it’s all cooked!
9. Heat at 350 for 1 hour, or until golden brown.
And that is the authentic Greek spanakopita recipe that has been passed down through our family’s generations. Impress your friends and make it for sports viewing parties, wine and tapas nights and especially…THE GREEK INDEPENDENCE DAY PARADE ON SUNDAY.


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