Bring me back to Texas

A couple of fun facts to share, just to keep you updated on the happenings of NYC:
1.) It is the first day of spring
2.) It is snowing heavily
3.) No one is happy about this
Note: ugliness of NYC in the snow
The good news is that I found a great restaurant that makes it seem like you’re not here in the world of snow. It’s called Javelina, and it just opened up in Union Square.

I was invited to a tasting at the restaurant about a month before it opened, and I have to say – I think the tex-mex at Javelina has the power to bring me back to that beloved little place called Austin, Texas.
Awesome bar setup *Credit
My faves? Tortilla soup, white queso, the salsa and chips and steak fajitas. DELISH. Also the menu is quite affordable.
white queso
White queso and salsa sampler
steak fajitas
If you’re willing and able to venture outside, give Javelina a shot.

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