A Wild Friday Night at the Cat Café

Tokyo has them all over the place…so why not New York City? Yesterday after work, my roommate and I ventured to THE MEOW PARLOUR. A place of wonder and desire, a place of…cats.


New York’s first cat café, the Meow Parlour, opened in December. Its main purpose is for us New York City residents to play with cute little creatures that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to in our tiny apartments. The best part? You can take one home! The staff there told us the cats are usually adopted within two weeks via Kitty Kind.

adopted cats

We went online to the Meow Parlour website to reserve a spot ($4 per half hour), and ventured to the café on the Lower East Side. It was immediately MAGICAL. Cats on cats on cats. Sleeping cats, fighting cats, lounging cats, playing cats. (I’m on my way to a great children’s novel).

IMG_7572 IMG_7575 IMG_7558

IMG_7577 IMG_7526 IMG_7549

My conclusion: There need to be more cat cafés in this world. Dog cafés too! Any kind of lovable animal in a café setting will do. The more cute furry pets roaming free and available to pet, the better.



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