Quick Weekend DIY: Wine-Cork Board

I realized I was saving wine corks for no reason. So I made a yardstick cork board last weekend! So easy and so cheap. Plus, I love being able to do something besides watching TV on a quiet Saturday indoors. Wish I thought of this sooner – I could have made a business…an EMPIRE of wine-cork boards for all the time I spent indoors this Winter.

How to make a wine-cork board on a crappy winter day:

1. Look outside, confirm day is crappy

2. Go to Michael’s or AC Moore, buy a yardstick, a glue gun and some fun colored ribbon.

3. After you glue the corks to the yardstick, tie a pretty ribbon through the hole, and hang it on a nail in the wall.

diy wine-cork board

wine cork board


Voila! Fun weekend project complete.


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